General Proofreading 

 What do you need help with? Have you written or are writing a book, short story, poem, website, essay, short   story, e-book, academic paper, transcript, blog, document, screenplay, etc.?

 I am here to make your life a lot easier by proofreading your written material with my expert skills. My work for   you will also give you more time for your personal life or to spend more time doing one of the things that you   do best – writing!

 Let me examine your creation in order to iron out any wrinkles in your text. I know what it means to be accurate   and attentive to detail. I will make sure the grammar, spelling and punctuation is absolutely A1. My eagle eyes   seek out those small errors that were missed at the copy-editing stage. Once corrected, you will be proud of   your finished writing.

 I have had years of experience proofreading and will help to polish your final work so it can be successfully   shown to the public.

                          Please check out my referrals  to read what my satisfied clients say about my work.