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General Proofreading Rates 



Because each request for proofreading is so unique, I do not have a specific rate for each type of job. Please send me a sample of the work you would have me proofread along with a complete vision of what your project entails. I will then give you a reasonable quote which is in line with industry standards. Thanks!

general rates
     Court Reporter Transcript Rates
court rates

Transcript Rates per double-spaced page of 25 lines:

For transcripts with 28 lines per page, please add an additional $0.03 per page to each price.

Transcripts with medical terminologies: additional $0.05 per page

   *  Standard: (48 to 72 hours): $0.50 per page

   *  Rush: (24 to 47 hours): $0.65 per page

   *  Expedite: (less than 24 hours): $0.85 per page

   *  Express: (less than 12 hours): $1.00 per page

   *  Weekend: $0.65 per page

  • Transcripts are sent to me in PDF format and returned to you via email with annotations.

  • If the project is longer than 50 pages, please send it to me in segments of 50 pages if you can.

  • Transcripts sent from you after 6pm will be considered as incoming the next morning at 8am.

  • I will be billing you when I return the pages of your proofed transcript.

  • I expect payment via Zelle or Paypal within 14 days of the invoice sent to you.

  • Late fee is an additional 10% of the total bill.

  • I reserve the right to charge extra for excessively messy or extra technical transcripts. I will contact you if this is the case.

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