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Court Reporter Referrals
court referrals


     "I am a court reporter in Atlanta, Georgia, a city with an overwhelming heavy litigation climate. I, as well as most reporters here, I presume, am continuously busy in depositions and producing transcripts. And with such a heavy workload, it is necessary to have a proofreader who you trust to provide quality work. Court reporting involves constant deadlines and expedite requests, thus, time is of essence for almost every job I take. It is a tremendous benefit to have a proofreader as Lona Bigelow on my team.

     "Lona is meticulous; she adheres to my grammar and punctuation preferences, allowing her attention to be devoted to identifying significant errors. In addition to her great attention to detail, Lona is punctual with a capital P, returning her revisions of my transcripts to me timely.

     "The extra added benefit of working with Lona is the vast time difference between where I reside and where Lona is currently residing, which is a 15-hour time difference. I will e-mail pages to Lona in the evening, say 5 p.m. U.S. EST, and then will prepare to retire for the night, while Lona's day is just beginning at 8 a.m. AEST. The benefits of this arrangement gives new meaning to the phrase "productive use of time." I am so grateful for it, and for Lona Bigelow."

Lamarra G. (Georgia)

     "Great job.  Very thorough.  Thank you!"

Esther V. B. (Texas)

     "I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for getting me that job back exactly when I needed it. And you did a great job proofreading! I will definitely be reaching out after my trip to use your services in the future. You are a great, great proofreader!"

Judy C.  (New York)

     "You're fantastic and I appreciate all your hard work!"

Lori A.  (Massachusetts)

     "Awesome! Thank you for letting me know you received payment. I will definitely let you know as to when I will need help again. You are great! Thank you so much!"

Priscilla M. (Florida)

     "Your proofing was great! Super easy to see the corrections. I look forward to working with you again!"

Regina M. (California)

     "I'm very pleased and grateful for your expertise.  It was a big help. It’s been a pleasure using your services. Your proofing expertise is always appreciated!!"

Sarah G. (California)

     "Thank you so much, Lona. You are a pleasure to work with."

Gina D.L. (California)

     "Great eye. Thank you so much."

Karen A. (California)

       "Great job on the proofreading. Thanks!"

Robin D. (Florida)


       "Thank you, Lona. You're awesome. I received files. I'm all caught up. Yay. Thanks to you."

Karen A. (California)


       "Your work from the previous job was great, really good stuff."

       "I first reached out to Lona when I was in a jam and my usual proofreaders were unavailable. I find the process of looking for a new proofreader a bit anxiety-inducing at times, but with Lona that was not the case. She responded to my initial email promptly and was friendly and conversational. I was very happy with the quality and detail of her work. I am so glad to have connected with her. Would highly recommend her services."

Natchez F. (California)

General Proofreading Referrals


      “Lona did a marvelous, and surprisingly accurate job for me and my family.  Because of her professional ability in proofreading, editing and written communications; her kind heart and understanding;  her clever ability to hear and decipher a variety of English accents and voices; her typing speed and use of technology; and knowledge of correct English spelling and punctuation, she enabled me and my children to complete several  books in a short amount of time, by having the option to dictate much content. With the files promptly back from her, there was little left to do but to selectively, lightly edit, and layout the content in book format, along with art.
       "Her work was the key to our success in many projects; it helped boost the children’s self-esteem that they, too, could write and publish good books. And it saved me, as a mother-publisher, many, many hours of time—that could then be given to my family’s care, all the while knowing that the books my heart said must be written, were getting done, while in Lona’s diligent and attentive hands, doing the part she so aptly does.”

Chariane Q. – Children’s author (Canberra, Australia)

       “The work that was done by Lona with Conquering Commas was amazing! I had spent quite a bit of time getting the written material together for my web page Before it was posted to the web, I had it proofread by Lona to make sure that it looked professional and that I didn’t miss any grammatical or spelling errors. I was assured that after she made corrections my site was ready to launch. I highly recommend her services as she did a fantastic job and with a quick turnaround time, as well.”

Desiree Freund– Founder of Mamaseuse  (California)​

       “We had the satisfaction of using Lona Bigelow’s skills at Conquering Commas Proofreading for our business at Zippy Clips where we create advertising via video clips on the web to promote our client’s businesses and products. Lona’s proofreading skills were a great asset in bringing accuracy and quality to us and our clients. She was efficient and prompt. I highly recommend her services.”

Michael Fischer – Live Music Advocate and Activist, as well as Founder and Director of LiveHUB (Sydney, Australia)

       "Lona Bigelow was more than great. I had a 120-page historical fiction novel that needed a thorough final check, and Lona came through in a big way, correcting the multitude of my grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes.-- and in record time!

Lona comes highly recommended. It wasn’t just her English language skills; it was the kindness she manifested in our communications that made her a pleasure to work with. I will certainly be contacting her again for my second novel!

John Scott -- Safe Haven for Refugees Project Manager (Turkey)

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